It begins…

I have tried this blogging thing before.  I completely stunk at it.  But it was always to promote or sell something – and frankly – I am not good at selling products.  I have tried every home-based business there is.  Let’s just say, “EPIC FAIL.”  But there is something I am passionate about.  KIDS.  And when I think of them, and see them – I just naturally want to talk about them, or help them, or make them happy by giving them my full attention.  I love kids.  To me, children make the world-go-round.  And I have two children of my own who are the joy of my very existence.

So THIS blog is not going to be about what I am selling.  Its going to be about how I am feeling and living and parenting.  Its going to be about my children and for my children.  Its going to be happy and sad and silly and terrible – maybe all in the same paragraph.

Much of this blog will be about my daughter, Grace.  She has ADHD, among many other things, and her little learning adventure in life has been rough thus far.  This blog will not be pretty and sugarcoated.  But it will be real and loving and funny – filled with hope.  I have learned a lot from my daughter in her 9 young years of life.  To slow down, to try hard (to twirl uninhibited in my front yard as cars drive by).

But mostly, I have learned that this life is a gift.  Its not to be rushed or pushed through or not enjoyed.  My life is a true gift from God and blessed even more by a Jesus-loving, daydreaming hippie kid I call my own. (And a little brother who is along for the ride and funny as heck, too.)

It is now 6:00pm, and we are going to start homework.  Its THAT time of night – and one of the many reasons I need to start this blog.  If you have a kiddo with ADHD or special learning needs of any kind – you know what I mean.  And so I will sign off and say thank you for listening.  There is much more to come and this is just the beginning.  And as you start your homework journey with your own children tonight – just take your time, breathe deeply and pray. They are only little once, and I assure you – its all going to be okay. 

Take it all with the Pace of Grace.






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2 responses to “It begins…

  1. Kudos – what an excellent idea, Laura! I am excited to follow you! And I cannot let you say you suck at blogging. Or selling. It’s all just sharing – and I think you are ahead of your time with some of the things you have sold / sell. You are a beautiful woman, mom and friend and you have a huge heart for people. Whether or not they buy anything from you or read and resonate with your love for supporting kids families and women is no matter! It’s about being fearless and following your heart – and that you do very well. You are so valued. Congrats on the blog adventure. Cheers! Kary Kruger

  2. Laura, this is a wonderful introduction to your blog . . . I can’t wait for the next post! I think that putting your thoughts, feelings, and ideas out there will not only be helpful to you as you process and work through issues, but SO helpful to other parents as well. I’m sure I have a lot to learn from you and this journey you & your family are on. Thank you for being willing to put yourself out there 🙂

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